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Badges For Google Article Readers!

The innovative company, Google has brought in the Google News Badges in the United States, which actually motivates people for reading the articles on Google News (everybody likes to earn badges) and accordingly awards the reader digitally for reading the articles.

The service is initially limited to the US only but later on it will be expanded throughout the Globe. The service works like, initially the reader is awarded with a bronze badge, as you read more articles you receive a silver, gold, platinum and the coveted blue ultimate star.

According to Google, you can keep this entire badge craze to yourself or you can swank about it to others by sharing it via social networking sites like Google+. There are a few rules to the whole set up though; you cannot level up at once by reading every article in a single day but your badge levels up if you read pertinent articles every day.

The whole idea sounds just perfect to be a magnet for many people to read the Google News articles. To enable it to work, you must have your web history enabled, and it registers both desktop and mobile clicks. Google thus keeps track of your data and you can then customize your Google the way you want!

Photo Courtesy of tet
Photo Courtesy of ijl