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Google Music Coming Soon? Leaked Files Drop Some Hints

It looks like Google is gearing up to launch its own music service, and although it currently looks a bit incomplete, we feel that it has a lot of room to grow.

Now, we covered this topic a bit back in May and we were first heard about it, and we wondered how Google would fare without the backing of record labels. However, according to some leaked files found in the Android Market update, it looks like Google may have swayed some record labels into joining.

Either that, or they assume that the labels will join once they hear Google’s new business model. The resource files indicate various icons that look like shopping bags. There’s a red shopping bag, that is called Movies, a green that shows apps, a blue one for books, and an orange one for music.

The interesting color choice for the music section is that it matches Google’s Music Beta scheme. Although many wonder if Google is late yet again when it comes to catchin’ up.

After all, Apple’s iTunes is still top dawg in music downloads, and the company has iCloud going for it. Amazon still has a wide selection of music as well, and with a Pandora HTML5 refresh, and Spotify having just launched in the United States this week, we really wonder if Google is thinking straight. Then again, when you think about it, how could Google not expand into music? Wouldn’t they want to be a one-stop shop to entertainment (android, google+, youtube) as well as work (google apps, gmail)?

Photo Courtesy of keso
Photo Courtesy of keso