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Your iPhone Can Be A Universal Infrared Remote Now!

And now you can use your iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G as a universal infrared remote for just about all the infrared controlled devices, a company called Mashed Pixel made that feasible. The company has pioneered a new casing called “Surc”, which the company will be displaying in CES 2011 next year.

The superior fraction to it is that you do not need to do the required annoying configuration but simple training. You can train the device by merely pressing the appropriate buttons on your real remote and the Surc automatically learns how to recreate the obligatory infrared signals.

Even if you don’t want to do that, you simply can download configuration for a specific appliance or device. It even lets you charge your phone without taking it out from the casing.

It even lets you creature your very own gestures to elicit certain actions just like if you want to raise the volume , simply move the iPhone upwards and it’s done or you can swipe to mute. The device lets you accumulate combinations of devices. If you need to swap one input and turn other device on, you can configure just a single button to set off all those actions in an instance.

The only downside is, you cannot use the Surc with an iPad or iPod and you cannot hold on to your old casing if you upgrade to a new iPhone. But according to the company officials, new casings for iPad and iPod touch are around the corner. The Surc can be pre-ordered for $70.

Photo Courtesy of inju
Photo Courtesy of grif