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Research Breakthrough: Time Cloak Is Created

A group of physicists have recently created a time cloak that is able to hide an event from time itself. One of the researchers had a breakthrough, at Cornell University. The researcher, Moti Friedman led the pack.

The cloak works in part of a duality between space and time in electromagnetic theory, and although the explanation is rather long winded, I am going to try to give the basics in a digestible format.

The system uses a time lens that is made of an electro-optic modulator that can magnify and compress in time. The cloak uses two lenses in where a beam of light is sent through both lenses.

The first lens acts as a compressor for the light and the second lens quickly decompresses it. What the end result is to the human eye is viewing a single beam of light that appear undistorted as if a compression never happened.

The overall effect, scientifically, is the deletion of an event in a short period of time. This prototype time cloak only lasts 110 nanoseconds but the researchers believe that they can extend it to 120 microseconds.

The science/technology is much too immature to tell how we can use the applications in the future, but it may leave skeptics to pause before they laugh at what is now considered science fiction.

The Internet, too, was once considered science fiction.

Photo Courtesy of wilkes
Photo Courtesy of slashgear