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Sony’s New CMT-CX5 HiFi Sound System!

Sony’s been existent lately. They have been working on innovative designs with another result right in front of us, yes, the company’s new home-audio system, the CMT-CX5 “HiFi”.

It was launched yesterday and could easily be mistaken for the Sony’s S2 tablet.

Shaped perfectly to rest on a usual desktop. The idiosyncratic feature and prime selling point of the CX5 is its wall-mountable nature.

Fitted with a bracket on the stern, you can easily hang this sleek-looking, flawlessly designed audio system.

You can also run it as a three boxed system if you have enough space to spare for the wires, as it would overstress stereo sound effect.

Playing music from a variety of sources including iPhone, CDs, USB drives, and through its aux-in ports, it also features FM and DAB/DAB+ radio tuners. It also features a Dynamic Sound Generator X-tra processing if you want to give your music a touch of liveliness.

This seductive CMT-CX5 comes in black and white colors. If you have an appealing apartment, it would be the first gadget you would want to hang on your wall and it would look pretty decorative too.

The CMT-CX5 will be hitting UK markets this August so get ready to experience the epic from Sony!

Photo Courtesy of Rambis
Photo Courtesy of Qatam