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Step Aside Tablets, Amazon’s New Kindle Is On Its Way

There is a general impression that no one but Apple can make a decent 500 dollar tablet, however Amazon is about to prove that wrong, they assume that they can destabilize the iPad in price not with just a single tablet but two at a time!

Last week there were rumors that Amazon would uncover their two Android-based Kindle tablets later this year, the latest leaks claim that 7-inch “Coyote” tablet will cost $349 and the 10-inch “Hollywood” tablet will cost $449.

Not only do the prices undercut the iPad by noteworthy edge but Amazon’s Kindle will also be equally viable in performance. The Coyote is buzzed to come geared with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, which is more or less equal to Apple’s A5, while Hollywood will come equipped with a quad-core “Kal-El” processor, NVIDIA’s T30.

One thing Amazon is missing is the camera and Amazon will have to compromise on the displays to bring these tablets to market though. According to last hearsays, Amazon picked up dual-mode E-paper/ color panels.

The downside is, those displays will not be read for mass market until early 2012. Amazon determined to launch both of its Kindles out in a heap in tome. If all these chitchats are true than Amazon surely is expected to beat every other single Android tablet and it could even prove to be nightmarish for the Apple’s iPad.

Photo Courtesy of jfin
Photo Courtesy of Pete