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Facebook Editions: Porting News From Major Media

With the ever mounting antagonism, Facebook is seeking new ways to maintain its supremacy to its 750 million users around the world and looking to become the next social networking monster. Facebook is taking into account, to port news over from selected channels to app versions that can be read on Facebook.

The Company named it “Facebook Editions”. Many news outlets like CNN, The Daily and the Washington Post (examples of the preliminary lineup) are signed up for the service.

So their App will be accessible on Facebook for browsing. Theses Facebook Editions will be added to Facebook expectedly in September. Facebook’s like button is by now pretty pervasive among online news sites.

These same sites have their own Facebook pages for enthusiasts but the Editions app would almost certainly allow news outlets the knack to modify the Facebook interface.

Although the News companies have so far said nothing about this new social networking feature, a Facebook orator alleged, “We have nothing new to announce.

The top media sites around the world are integrated with Facebook and we’re constantly talking to our partners about ways to improve these integrations.” Ever since Google+ came out, Facebook is in front of a somber contender. Both the social networking sites are conflicting over prime features like customization, privacy, photos, video chat, etc.

Google+ according to the grapevine, and has an analogous “Editions” scheme in the works. This competition certainly is going to assist the publishers and customer’s familiarity on top

Photo Courtesy of stev
Photo Courtesy of stev
Photo Courtesy of ED