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The Futuristic PlayStation 4!

Sony’s Playstation 4 will be striking markets by the end of this year. Foxconn and Pegatron would be leading the assembly. Sony’s looking into the next generation hardware designs; the upcoming product would look ultramodern.

The hottest hackers’ attacks on Sony Playstation Network to hack and devastate their online gaming structure certainly will help Sony to fix the cracks in their new system. Since Sony hasn’t unveiled the design of the new-fangled PS4, Designer Joseph Dumary seems more convenient.

According to his assumption the new console’s going to be composed of 60% eco-friendly materials. It wouldn’t use a single Watt during standby and it would have an ECO restart function that saves the data and turns the console off. It also can resume the previously running data. It works just like a PC’s ‘hibernation’ function.

This brilliantly designed concept would have the console that automatically shuts primary power down after half an hour of game play to draw energy from a rechargeable battery for 5 minutes and thus persistently saves power.

This intangible console features 1.5TB HDD, full 3D 4K2K compatibility, DLNA, HDMI Connect, 3D Blu-Ray, USB 3.0, DPConnect Bravia Sync, Sony Ericsson sync, Qriocity, cloud saving and live TV. The Eco-friendly and wireless connectivity features will lead this console in the markets.

Photo Courtesy of gem
Photo Courtesy of joe