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Windows 8 Platform For Xbox 360 Games!

News of the day for gamers out there! You will be able to play Xbox 360 games using Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8 platform.

Microsoft is working the new Windows operating system to have full support for the Xbox 360 games however the gamers will have to subscribe to Xbox services like they do for Xbox Live.

Mike Delman, vice president of global marketing for Microsoft, quoted: “Live has been successful on the Windows Phone. Live will be built into the PC. It will be the service where you get your entertainment. We were talking about it — you will not just see consoles and handhelds at this show next year, this show’s going to morph into other devices.”

In an attempt to craft PC games, Microsoft has fused its Games for Windows in the Xbox.com domain. Looks like Microsoft is doing fairly an ideal job by bringing Xbox games to those who do not have the console or cannot get it.

There’s one downside though there will no-longer be PC to Xbox 360 cross-platform games because of the advantage PC gamers have, over console players, in using a mouse and a keyboard. So let’s see how well it turns out for the two ground-breaking corporations and the gamers.

Photo Courtesy of balk
Photo Courtesy of jeff