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Windows Phone Products Enlighten!

Andrew Lees, President of Microsoft Windows Phone Division, at 2011 Worldwide Partner Conference talked about the imminent Windows OS. He stated that “in fact, if you look even at the price of smartphones, a year ago all smartphones cost over $400 when they left their hardware manufacturer. Today, they’re down to about $200, and next year, a smartphone that can run something like Windows Phone 7 will actually be down to $100 to $150. So, you’re seeing a dramatic price reduction.”

After they showed off the new motherboard that will run Windows 8, your whole PC will run on a single chip now! Since the same chip is too diminutive, it will also be used in smartphones.

As the single chip substitutes the assorted pieces of hardware, prices of the components will decrease vividly, which certainly is good news for many. Microsoft are also aiming for somewhat providing Windows 8 on Xbox, as well as Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft also announced partnership with Nokia last February, so the Nokia will utterly be relying on Windows Phone rather than Symbian any longer which means Microsoft is having the prime smartphone giants as its partners including Samsung, HTC, LG and Nokia (vended) 100 million smartphones last year. It’s a colossal milestone for Microsoft to have Nokia relying on Windows Phone.

Photo Courtesy of clin
Photo Courtesy of clin