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Make A Working Tool With 3D Printing

Z Corporation is a company that has made a 3d printer which enables us to print out a duplicate of any 3d object no matter how complex or sophisticated its shape may be. It uses a complex engineered material which is in powder form, then some binary material is added which solidifies the powder particles in the given pattern of the 3d object.

First of all, the 3d object that you want to be printed is scanned and the complex 3d image of the object is saved in the computer with every minor details. This image is sent to the printer for printing. You can customize the color of the object any way you like and hit the PRINT button.

After a while, your photocopied object is ready. The printed object is found in a rectangular box with powder in it. You can pull out your printed object, and blow off the extra powder from it and use it the way just like you use the original object.

Of course a 3d printer cannot make mobile phones or remote controls but you can make combs, tools, knobs and various different objects and then use them just the way you would use an original object. Even if it’s a tool that you would use to tighten the nuts, you can apply as much force to it and it wont break.

Photo Courtesy of Tom
Photo Courtesy of KWC