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Adobe Acquires Digital Signage, Echosign

Adobe has just purchased EchoSign, a startup that provides electronic signature technology. Adobe hopes to integrate the new technology in its current document exchange services.

The goal of digital signage is for enterprises to easily swap documents with one another for easy approval. Contracts can be easily sent to one another and signed with ease.

With EchoSign, three million users are already connected with Adobe services such as SendNow, FormsCentral, and CreatePDF. With the new acquisition, Adobe will become even more powerful than before not only in creativity applications (Macromedia development tools) but also in productivity.

We haven’t yet heard the word on how much the acquisition cost Adobe, but it’s always interesting to guess some possible numbers. For those who work remotely, the acquisition will prove to be a blessing when it comes to signing that annual contract again.

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Photo Courtesy of pci
Photo Courtesy of julius