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AMD’s A8 Processor Pushed To 4.9GHz

AMD’s A8 Llano APU (accelerated processing unit) has just been taken to new heights in the overclocking world. A Japanese team of computer enthusiasts tried their hand at overclocking with an AMD A8-3850 processor (defaults at 2.9GHz), a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H motherboard, and a cooler that runs on liquid nitrogen.

Of course, hardly any enthusiasts use liquid nitrogen to cool their computer hardware, and we definitely don’t think your processor will last very long running at 5GHz, but it’s always cool to be able to say that you did it.

By the way, if you’re curious to know exactly how the liquid nitrogen was used, it was kept at the top of the case as an open-reservoir that was continually topped off with the colder-than-ice coolant.

As you can see from the photos, you probably don’t want to cool any of your computer hardware with liquid nitrogen, mainly because your hardware doesn’t get that HOT. In fact, you can actually end up freezing your hardware, and prevent it from ever working again.

But, the team also experimented with a more common cooling system (based on air) that was able to pull a 3.6GHz speed on the chip.

Photo Courtesy of akiba
Photo Courtesy of akiba