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Will Google Adopt Hashtags? The Answer May Be ‘Yes’

If you’re unfamiliar with the word ‘hashtag’, it’s basically just the pound sign on a numeric keypad and is used in some social media services such as Twitter as a type of keyword that users can search when they are interested in a specific topic.

Thus a user would type ‘#computers’ to find the most recent tweets that were tagged with #computers. While the use of hashtags didn’t from from Google itself, we do know that Google is interested in sorting.

After all, the company has Gmail labels that are basically tags applied to an e-mail, and their Google Docs collections work in a similar fashion. And, with the massive popularity of Twitter, offering hashtags on Google+ would be well recognized within the community without having consumers learn a new social network platform.

Opponents of Google+ use of hashtags claim that the new social network should use something more user friendly and sophisticated rather than adopting what has worked for an earlier company. After all, isn’t the idea of progress to try something new rather than repeat what has been done before?

Google engineers, themselves, have said they would like to see hashtags in G+ but have no official word on it yet. Perhaps Google will try to figure out another way to organize comments from users’ streams and the hashtag will be a fallback method. What do you think? Write a comment at facebook.com/techmento and let us know what you think.

Here is a video covering the Hashtags for Twitter.

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Photo Courtesy of yang