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Kdan Mobile About To Release Animation Desk For iPhone

Kdan Mobile is a company which has made an iPhone application which will allow users to make custom animations on their iPhones. The users will be able to draw using their own hand movement and can make a professional animation.

Animation Desk for iPhone has a cleaner interface than the Animation Desk previously made for iPads and also has some new features like layering and brush tools which would help one make a creative and professional animation. It also has a special feature like dynamic background and a very impressive playback control.

Kevin Huang, Chief Designer of Kdan Mobile says,” We want to provide a friendly drawing environment so that everyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. In the end, we hope more people will learn to appreciate the beauty of traditional animations”.

Animation Desks which are currently being used by iPads are being updated to a new version 1.4.3. The cost of Animation Desk for iPhone has not yet been finalized, but it estimated to be about $2.99 just for a limited time to celebrate this new Animation Desk for iPhones.

Photo Courtesy of Yatuka
Photo Courtesy of Vinny