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Next MacBook Air, Best Student-Friendly Netbook Ever?

Speculations are that the next MacBook is going be ‘just the thing’ for students! This multiplatform gadget, because of its specification will be the most student-friendly MacBook ever, given the following specifications:
-> High-speed Thunderbolt ports
-> Mac OS X Lion pre-installed
-> Ultra-low voltage Intel Sandy Bridge Processor
-> Backlit keyboard
-> 128GB/256GB solid-state hard-drive drive
-> 4GB RAM.
Notebooks indeed are handy because of their portability, cross campus projects, for hectic and ingenious students.

Even with sophisticated portable devices in the market like iPad and iPhone, something like the next Macbook Air which is truly desirable and equally helpful for students. iPads require a dynamic QWERTY keyboard for those who have a lot to write.

While the iPhone is pretty good for short messages but not idyllic for comprehensive writing. The dual-booting enabled Windows and Mac OS-X to facilitate and fit different kinds of users, the Windows productive students and the Mac OS-X inventive students.

One prime Upside is, everyone knows Apple always produce superior and fail-safe products so this next product won’t get too hot on one’s lap to affect the ‘chemistry’. Its only negative aspect, is the price and the fact that you can’t really fix it yourself, however with an academic discount is around $800. Surely not cheap enough but it’s well worth it.

Photo Courtesy of dan
Photo Courtesy of Muj