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Suzuki Soon Releasing Electric Every Van (EV)

Suzuki has decided to launch its battery powered electric van known as “Every Van” (not pictured) after Mitsubishi launched its electric MiniCab i-MiEV. The Every Van is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery while the Toshiba MiniCab is powered by Toshiba SCiB battery.

Every Van can be fully recharged in just 5 hours which would take you to a distance of 62 miles, same as Toshiba MiniCab. Every Van is made very stylish and attractive and is approximately 400 pounds heavier than the gas powered van of Suzuki. Although the capacity of Every Van is 551 pounds which is exactly the same as a gas fueled van.

Suzuki will only be launching 13 Every Vans in Japan for the purpose of testing its capability and for dealers’ reviews. It might increase it growth and launch rate in the near future.

This would extremely benefit the economy of Japan and also decrease the pollution caused by gas fueled vehicles.

The price of Every Van has not yet been determined. But since Toshiba MiniCab is around 2million yen, we can expect the figure around it somewhere.

Photo Courtesy of conhunter
Photo Courtesy of lhoon