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Xbox720 Will Have Avatar-Graphics

AMD spilled the beans on the upcoming Xbox 720, and having fueled the current Xbox360, we believe that Microsoft will pair with the graphics company once again as has proven successful in the past.

AMD claims that the new Xbox will have Avatar-like graphics, which is a bold statement to make. The company went further to say that each character will have the capability of having a unique AI (artificial intelligence), rather than all of them acting in a predictable manner.

While I do not doubt that the next Xbox will be powerful enough to give each “extra” an AI- such as in Grand Theft Auto, I don’t think programmers will waste their time on hundreds of different personalities.

We still don’t have an exact ETA on the futuristic Xbox, but we can expect it to arrive in a couple years. As for the controller, nothing was said about what the controller will be like, and if it will replicate current consoles.

I am hoping that both Sony and Microsoft take a different route this time with their controllers, because I am getting a bit tired of the dual-joystick routine.

It’s not that I don’t like ’em, it’s just that it’s been 10 years of the same button layout, and I wanna see something new!

Photo Courtesy of jue
Photo Courtesy of auxo