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Apple Leak: Cinema Displays Will Have Thunderbolt

Ooops! It looks like some promotional images for Apple’s new LED Cinema display may have ‘accidentally’ leaked on the Internet, and MacRumours was able to get a couple snapshots before Apple took the images down.

The first image shows two Cinema Displays that are both hooked up to a MacBook Pro, indicating that the latest 27″ screens will support Thunderbolt. If you haven’t yet heard of Thunderbolt, it’s a means to transfer data at blazing speeds of 10Gbps.

Some also believe that the fact that the MacBook pro is showcased in the promo image may indicate that we will see a hardware refresh in the coming months. Since the laptops now feature the latest Intel processors, we might see another type of update instead.

That’s all the ‘information’ we have for now. Nothing has been made official just yet, and as with any leaks, we can only report our findings. I do find it interesting that MacRumours was able to get a screenshot conveniently before the images were taken down from Apple.

Do you think a few Apple employees wanted to see their stock go up from the ‘leak’? I guess we’ll never know for sure but I do have my suspicions in regards to the timing.

Photo Courtesy of macrumors
Photo Courtesy of macrumors