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Audiosocket Launches MaaS For Music Licenses

An independent music licensing and tech company, dubbed Audiosocket, is launching a new program today called Music as a Service (MaaS). The new platform will give developers a new way to give users the ability to license music for applications.

The phrase Music as a Service is quite new, but derives from the long existing ‘Software as a Service’, which is abbreviated as SaaS. With the new MaaS, content producers will have the ability to search, discover, as well as license the music from Audiosocket’s catalog.

So far, there are a total of 33,000 songs in the database, spanning nearly 2,000 music artists from around the world. What’s cool about Audiosocket’s new service is that it can be integrated into third party photo and video sharing services, ad agencies, and more.

While Audiosocket’s new service not only generates revenue for up and coming music artists, it also makes payment processing and license generation much easier for parties to do business with eachother, much easier than before.

After hearing about Pandora’s HTML5 rollout, and Spotify’s music platform, it seems as though we are heading into more of a music era, and perhaps climbing out of a world of YouTube videos of silly cats goofing around. Let us know what you think at facebook.com/techmento.

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