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Hassle-Free Bluetooth Speaker From Jabra

Jabra, a bluetooth cellphone accessory maker has just announced a Bluetooth speakerphone that allows for a plug n’ play experience, without the fuss of an installation.

The system is called Drive and it connects up to devices (e.g. a phone and a GPS unit), and without any setup, it allows the two gadgets to be paired and ‘talk’ to one another.

If you’re just looking to use it as a speakerphone, you can do that too, and users will enjoy 20 hours of talk time and 30 days of standby time on a single charge.

Consumers who order the Drive from Jabra will simply clip the gadget to their visor and pair it with the device they plan on using. The unit conveniently features large volume buttons to easily adjust while on the road.

The device also has a voice guidance system that announces its battery and connectivity status, and can easily be turned off when not in use.

You can buy the gizmo today for $60 from Best Buy or Amazon, and take your calls to a whole new level while you’re on the road. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to safely take calls on the road, and don’t want to bother with a bluetooth headset, definitely check this out. See the video for a closer look.

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of macNN