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Intels Buys Fulcrum Microsystems To Boost Networking

Intel is acquiring Fulcrum Microsystems (a networking chip company) for an unknown amount of money. The buyout is expected to be the result of Intel’s efforts to boost current network offerings.

Fulcrum was founded in 1999 and they currently design Ethernet switches that are used in data centers. Fulcrum’s 10GB Ethernet and 40GB Ethernet switch products are expected to work well with Intel processors and Ethernet controller offerings.

Intel is obviously the main player in the server market, but the company hopes to gain more ground when it comes to being the top contender to supply products and services to existing and new data centers.

As tech companies such as Hewlett-Packard continue to expand, by building eco-friendly buildings and datacenters, they are going to need top of the line equipment to work with if they want to ensure success.

While we are unsure what exactly will be the effect of acquiring a networking company that works on 40G equipment, we wonder if Intel plans on using the acquisition to help the current R&D team at Intel to develop 100G switch gear.

After all, it would be strange if Intel wasn’t a frontrunner for 100Gigabit Ethernet products as the 100G era passes by.

Photo Courtesy of intel
Photo Courtesy of intel