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JediBot Uses Kinect To Fight A Duel

Tired of aspiring about the JEDI KNIGHT`s light saber? No longer have a friend to play a Jedi Knight duel with? Well, your wishes have been granted by a group of Stanford students.

These passionate graduates have created a JediBot using Microsoft’s Kinect. This is not just a game, it is a life-like experience in the Star Wars world. The JediBot is Orange colored arm which can fight like Luke Skywalker and like a good Jedi, defend itself too.

The Bot has been programmed to attack every two to three seconds, but the speed of the attack can be varied depending on your skills in a duel.

The red saber of the Bot is to be feared and in defense mode the Kinect technology kicks in, it detects the green saber of the user and develops an uncanny reaction.The bot was created in an Experimental Robotic Course.

The color sensor of the Kinect keeps track of the Users light saber and produces extremely fast reactions in defense mode which easily counter most of the attacks by a normal user, unless he is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The technology is state of the art and this product seems like a viable candidate to make it to the top of wish list of fans.

PhotoCourtesy of kap
PhotoCourtesy of my name