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Leak: Nokia Sea Ray With WP7 (Video)

Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device is probably music to many Symbian users who have long carried the burden of trying to use their phone in the first month of owning it. Symbian, of course, is Nokia’s operating system, that they’ve been using for the past decade + years, and it’s a royal headache.

Simple things like turning off the WiFi, takes many clicks here and taps there and it’s probably the farthest thing from being intuitive.

Microsoft on the other hand, while they have released a botched version of Windows Mobile years back have seemed to redeem themselves with Windows 7 (kinda like how Windows 7 saved Vista from destroying the company’s image).

Anyways, enough about operating systems, according to the leak, this Windows Phone 7 device is in software build #7710 and is a Release To Manufacturer version, giving us clues that we may be looking at the finished product here (pictured top only).

Just click the play button on the video below to catch a brief glimpse of what you can expect with the upcoming Sea Ray. Please excuse all the background noise (you might wanna turn the volume down), and admire the device’s sleek and slender form.

It’s quite gorgeous, and I’ll be interested to see how much this puppy will cost to new users.

Photo Courtesy of gadget
Photo Courtesy of titanas