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Microsoft Working On Secure Messaging & UI For WP7

It looks like Microsoft is up to no good in that they are working on a ‘top secret’ Windows Phone project, or at least that’s what the job listing says on its website.

It seems as if the project would be a version-one design with initial planning set to undergo in a month. The interface will be targeted to those user-friendly consumers and Windows may spend more time on making messaging more secure.

The speculations going around is that Microsoft will try to replicate what Apple’s iMessage does for it, or similar to BlackBerry messenger. Since Windows is extra prone to hacks, I feel that the company as an image to uphold.

If their aim is to be as hack-proof as possible, I welcome them to try, but as consumers, we will see first hand whether Microsoft is capable of doing this, on the Windows Phone 7.

I am glad to see that the company is also concerned about the user-interface, because, what good is having a secure phone if the consumers do not know or do not feel comfortable using them?

User friendliness is extremely important, especially to new customers who may have never yet owned a Windows phone.

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of cj