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Protect Your iPhone 4 In Aerospace Grade Titanium

We don’t cover iPhone cases very often, and that’s because they’re usually not that cool. But I think this case is definitely the exception to the rule. The iPhone 4 case is called the fireTI and is made from 6AL-4V aerospace grade titanium.

Although I don’t think it will help very much in shock-proofing your mobile phone, say if it happens to fall 4-5 feet. I think the main reason why anyone would wanna spend $225 on an iPhone case is because it looks damn cool, and everytime you have to take a call, you’d be using a friggen titanium case.

Maybe it’s just the geek in me, but I think this is pure awesome, not completely sure about Airport security though. Also, another thing to consider is the cost.

The case costs the same price as the phone itself, which is a little confusing to me, but hopefully we will see cheaper versions roll out once the sales team figures out that this may have not been the best idea.

Eitherway, enjoy the eyecandy and let us know what you think @techmento on Twitter about this new case. Is it absolutely ridiculous or a cool new gadget?

Photo Courtesy of gg
Photo Courtesy of gg