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Tata Creates $720 House With 1 Week Build Time

The world’s cheapest car is currently manufactured by the Tata Group, and costs about $2,000. While we were amazed when we heard that a brand new car was $2,000, you’ll be even more surprised when you hear this.

Tata has just created a flatpack wooden house (not pictured) that’s built in one week and costs a total of $720. Think of it as a very large IKEA project. Now, before you call BS on this story, do note that the house is only ‘good’ for 20 years.

The self-constructed home was designed for people who already have plots of land and are looking to build a house that will last a good number of years with the hope that the homeowner’s finance situation can improve during the that time.

Tata is also planning on developing a larger house with a solar-powered roof and a verdana that may appease other types of buyers. The group hopes that the government of India will be able to house some of the homeless population in these new homes.

The house itself is only 215 square feet and is made of coconut fiber and jute walls. Tata will also release a prefab kit with windows, roofs, doors, and more to customers.

One of these homes is currently being tested in West Bengal, but they are expected to hit Indian markets within the next 8 months.

Photo Courtesy of fastcompany
Photo Courtesy of lorenty

  • haneef

    i am verry verry  thanks for tata company they will do good planing. for all poor familly.
    tata thinking help for peaple life. it is  verry nice job.we will pray for tata company as soon as
    this project will done.     chef haneef