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Windows 8 Pulls Elements From Mobile Operating Systems

After the dominion of smart phones, Desktops have lost their charm. Why work at home on a desktop when one can pull off all the tasks from their phone?

The new operating system for Apple’s desktops and laptops OS X Lion and the modernized and restored to serviceable version of windows which is to be released by Microsoft i.e. Windows 8 are noted to have inherited traits from the mobile operating system of the respective giants.

The features include Full screen apps and touch interaction which favors Uni-tasking which we normally see in the mobile phone operating systems.

So, the question that arises is, are desktops the future machines or will the smart phones and their operating systems take over. Lukas Mathis, a programmer and a usability expert states “I’m glad to see finger-friendly, large user interface elements from phones and tablets make their way into desktop operating systems. This change was desperately needed, and I was very happy to see it.”

Another expert says after seeing the demo of OS X Lion :”I seemed like what(they) were showing us was a giant iPad.”The future of the desktops and there operating systems are in the hands of the mother companies ,but all we know for now is that the newer generation(mobile OS) is making its mark on the elder siblings(desktops).

PhotoCourtesy of louisvolant
PhotoCourtesy of undertow851