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Survey Says: People Prefer WP7 To Android

If You thought android was the best after Apple`s IOS-based iPhone, you got it wrong. Microsoft has made promises to add a dazzling 500 more features in their new Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’.

According to a survey by Change Wave the old users of Windows phone are more than satisfied with the performance and features of the smart phone, than the android users. People at Change Wave report “the higher Windows Phone 7 rating has yet to produce a sustained momentum boost for Microsoft in term of buyer preferences.”

Microsoft is planning to take the phone to a higher level to match the IOS-based iPhone, which seems highly unlikely keeping in view the number of “very satisfied” users of Apple`s smart phone.

But the user satisfaction and good results of the OS phone have tried to send the android users a wakeup call. Microsoft might have a head start over android in the race but we have to wait and see for ourselves that how long it will last.

It is going to be a marketing frenzy between Apple, Google and Microsoft but it seems like Windows means business this time around, and judging by the experience and users of Microsoft, we expect the Microsoft smart phone to improve steadily and make a fight for it.

PhotoCourtesy ofCLINTONJEFF

  • dsstrainer

    Was this survey sponsored by Microsoft 🙂
    Hard to believe people like WP7 more than Android when there is at least a 10:1 ratio of android to wp7 phone owners