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Caloric Calculator Apps Require FDA Approval

Well, it looks like the Food and Drug Administration is finally stepping up to the plate when it comes to all those caloric calculator apps you see for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.

The proposal will grant the FDA oversight on mobile medical apps for tablets and smartphones. Now, just to be clear on which Caloric calculators will be regulated, it will be the ones that are combined with sensors- turning a basic iPhone into an ECG unit.

Apps with basic caloric calculators (without any sensors) will still be available and won’t need approval from the FDA. The whole purpose of this oversight is to make sure that consumers are getting accurate information when using their own electronics to monitor their health.

In a world where we are relying more and more on gadgets to help us with our daily routine, I agree that it is important to be getting accurate information (whether that’s as basic as a recipe, or as important as a heart monitor).

The FDA will see how the public responds to the proposal and we are likely to see some action happening before the end of this year. I don’t see this resulting in anything but a positive outcome for all gadget consumers, around the world.

Photo Courtesy of kobold
Photo Courtesy of andrewK