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Finally A Mobile Security App Released By Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security has released an Android Application for Smartphones known as Mobile Security API to fight against any kind of Malware. Though our computers might not be safe, but Lookout Security has made our smartphones safe so that we can enjoy a threat free environment.

This application eliminates any threat of Malware by keeping track of every Application uploaded by a developer. So in a sense, it compromises a malware at the time of its origin and never lets it enter the cloud of applications.

The concept behind detecting such malwares is by distributing security in different layers. A security cannot just be in a cloud of applications or a smartphone, it is layered in everything linked to smartphones. The ”Safe Browsing Mode” protects smartphones when users are using the browser on their phones.

Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder and CTO of Lookout said, “Our vision is to eliminate mobile malware across the world.There is no silver bullet to security. The vision that we have is that it is important to build security anywhere … the API allows app stores to be proactive in stopping mobile malware.”

The Mobile Security API is available at Verizon’s V Cast store for Android Apps. So lets enjoy a threat-free environment and download our favorite applications without any worries.

Photo Courtesy of Saad
Photo Courtesy of Danie