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Google+ App For Iphone

Shortly after the launch of Google+, Google has released Google+ App For iphone which is creating huge Buzz across the social circles. Especially after both critics and users panned Google’s recent social networking project Google buzz, Google+ was expected to regain much of the market lost by Google.

This latest Google+ app for iPhone is pretty cool and has reached the top charts in no time. It’s available on iTunes for free download and has become the fastest and the most amply downloaded app within a short period of time.

Looks like Google is back on track to give Facebook a tough competition. It is expected to largely enhance the iPhone users’ social networking experience. Not only has the app risen to the top spot but also has received a quick update which unfortunately doesn’t seem to satisfy the users as numerous users have reported the app to crash after the update.

Ever since the release of Google+ ,Google has been stating that they are playing for keeps. The ball is now in Google’s court. Let’s see how this competition between two social networking giants, Google and Facebook, culminates. So far it’s a win-win scenario for both since Google+ is slowly flourishing and making its way through while Facebook also hasn’t yet received the competition which Google+ was supposed to give!
Photo Courtesy of yang
Photo Courtesy of charlie