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Hitachi Launching A Mobile 3D LCD Screen

No one ever thought that they would ever be able to view 3D movies without the glasses. But Hitachi has just made it possible to see 3D movies with Naked Eye and with the same entertainment and reality level that you would get with the glasses.

Hitachi has just developed a 4.5 inch Naked eye 3D LCD screen with High Definition Resolution known as JD. This LCD is IPS(In-plane switching) based LCD. This marvelous piece of work has 400 cd/m2 brightness available in 2D mode and amazing 470cd/m2 brightness available in 3D mode.

The biggest feature that this LCD provides is its resolution. It has crossed all limits by introducing a resolution of 1280×720. While the previous LCD launched by Hitachi only had a resolution of 480×845 in a screen size of 3.1 inch.

The technology used by Hitachi in previous models was Barrier Approach in which they introduced a barrier between a human eye and the IPS Panel backlight. But in this amazing LCD, they have introduced Lenticular Lens Approach where they replaced the barrier with a Lenticular Lens. A Lenticular Lens has a property of magnifying images when seen with slightly different angle.

So, its now time to get rid of those glasses and move to this Mobile 3D LCD Screen.

Photo Courtesy of kfcatles
Photo Courtesy of Abby