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iWork 6 And iTunes 10.4 Update

Apple’s Mac OS is an operating system line which gives users high end features assisting them in keeping up with their tech savvy lives.

Apple has updated its iTunes store to version 10.4 and iWork to version 6 to take advantage of the sizzling new features of its 8th installment of operating systems line known as “Mac OS X Lion” which packs around 250 new and amazing features including all the new “full screen support” for apps.

iTunes and iWork are upgraded to take benefit largely of this feature. Similar to iPad, the iTunes app, when launched, covers the full screen and in case you want to go back, a three fingered swipe to the right would take you to the home screen.

iWork, a portal of useful features for office, along with taking benefit of the full screen feature also introduces the resume, autosave and version functionality.

Resume and autosave work in a pretty much same fashion, saving your work automatically to avoid trouble in case the app gets shutdown accidentally. Version feature saves different versions of the same document like a time machine.

Mac OS X lion is pre requisite for both the updates.

These upgrades are highly recommended for users for these are extremely beneficial and take full advantage of the delicate features of the new os.

Photo Courtesy of mighty
Photo Courtesy of tsaiid