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Say Hello To New Samsung Memory Cards

Samsung is launching a new series of high performance Memory Cards. All cards can support up to 24MB/s transfer rate and are made especially for fast data transfers between mobile devices, smartphones, cameras and all other supporting devices.

The Memory Cards have been divided in 2 categories according to users’ needs and affordability i.e. ‘Essential’ and ‘Premier Plus’.

The SDHC/SD and micro SDHC/SD Essential Memory Cards have a varying performance rating of Class 4 and Class 5. They have a warranty of 5 years. These cards’ capacity varies from 2GB to 16GB with write speed up to 13MB/s. The starting price of these cards is £7.99 for 2GB card and increases with the space capacity of cards.

On the other hand, the Premier Plus category is for users who are concerned with quality and performance. The SDHC/SD and micro SDHC/SD cards of this category have an outstanding performance rating of Class 10. They can store and transfer High Definition Videos with a write speed of about 21MB/s. The storage of these cards varies from 8GB to 16GB with a warranty of 10 years. The Price for 16GB card is £38.99.

In addition to these extra-ordinary specs of these cards, these cards are also water proof, shock proof and magnet proof.

Photo Courtesy of Jamie
Photo Courtesy of Fong