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T-Mobile G2x Upgrade:Baking The GingerBread

You thought T-Mobile’s G2x was the next best thing? Well, T-Mobile is taking it up a notch by announcing that starting today they will take out the Android gingerbread for a snack.

According to some reviews G2x was a gem of a phone and gingerbread will give it an extra edge over its competitors. The word in town is that G2x is captivating a limited number of users right now, but the majority will be able to get their hands on the technology by the end of week.

The update also includes swype, good compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, better user interaction and display and several other software improvements and how can we forget the promises made by G2x about ultimate gaming, Web and TV experiences.

With the androids user satisfying ability and the super performance of gingerbread in terms of speed and battery life, G2x might be something to look forward too. Meanwhile, we can keep the whipped cream and vanilla sauce ready for the freshly baked treats.

Photo Courtesy of ashtr
Photo Courtesy of themonk