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Apple Releasing Mac OS X Lion On USB Drive

Apple has been planning on releasing Mac OS X Lion on a Physical Drive since May. And now it seems that the day is near. Apple is about to launch a USB Drive in August which would contain the new Mac OS X Lion for customers who want their Lion Operating System in a Physical Drive.

The proposed price of this USB Drive is about $69. This is almost the double price of what you would pay if you downloaded Lion from the Mac App Store.

Some users might not have the facility of High Speed Internet or Wireless Connection. Apple has offered a facility to such customers that they can download and Install Lion from any Retail Store. The Price of downloading Lion from Mac App Stores is $29 which is same as the Snow Leopard released by Apple.

Apple is launching new MacBooks with Lion Operating System already installed in them. Users who buy a new Mac Book or iMac don’t need to worry about downloading or purchasing the Lion from Mac App Store, as they can find Mac OS X Lion already installed in their MaBooks, MacBook Air, and Mac minis.

Photo Courtesy of Nerds
Photo Courtesy of Chris