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ARM Processors Aiming To Dominate Notebook Industry?

In the news is the ARM processor technology which has already taken over the smartphone and tablet industry and is now preparing to dominate the personal computing market. According to a market analyst IHS isuppli, in 2015, the ARM processor would be present in 20 percent of the shipped notebooks.

ARM processors require low power, cost less and are high performing pieces of tech which will take benefit of Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system to power notebooks; as its the first ever operating system to support ARM processor on notebooks.

Currently, Intel and AMD’s x-86 architecture based processors are leading the netbook industry but as the demand for low priced and highly effective piece of gadgetry increases, Intel and AMD are due to suffer, at least these are the predictions. Already these two companies are out of smartphone market for not producing processors able to handle delicate architecture of smart phones and tablets.

Value notebook buyers demand basic systems with reasonable prices and justifiable performance which makes the ARM processors suitable for notebooks as they provide matchless performance with power efficiency at a moderate cost.” says Matthew Wilkins of isuppli. Intel and AMD need to learn a lesson before ARM deprives them of even the PC industry.
Photo Courtesy of weboo
Photo Courtesy of huang