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Dell Moving Towards Data Center Networking

Dell is expanding its expertise from Computer Making to Data Servers, Networking and Storage Technology. Dell has recently acquired a networking service provider Force 10 Networks, which would now make Dell a Network Service Provider too.

Force 10 Networks is a leading Private Company which provides Ethernet based network solutions. Force 10 made many Award-Winning Ethernet switching and routing products. Force 10 was acquired by Dell recently, but the financial details of the acquisition are unknown.

Force 10 provides its services in around 60 countries and every year produces revenue of $200 million. Most of the revenue is generated from North America. Force 10’s customers include Fortune 100 companies, Internet portals and many government organizations along with almost 1300 customers all around the world. Also, on Deloitte’s 2009 Technology Fast 500, Force 10 is ranked as the 3rd fastest growing Networking Company.

Brad Anderson, a Senior Vice President at Dell said, “Today’s datacenter networks are too complex and require too much manual intervention. What worked in the past is no longer viable in the virtual era.”

Photo Courtesy of Declan
Photo Courtesy of Katy