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Detect Your Sodium And Glucose Levels From Your iPhone

Venus Williams will not have to worry about her oxygen levels and Lance Armstrong will not have to be careful about his Sodium Level and having the risk to dehydrate after reading this.

Professor Heather Clark, at the Northeastern University has formed a team that will create an iPhone app that will help us determine our Sodium and Glucose level in our blood stream.

The procedure includes an injection of nanoparticles which produce different fluoresce when they merge or come into contact with Sodium or Glucose. The change in fluoresce is detected by the iPhone app and the results are visible on our very own smart phone.

The phone needs several modifications to detect the Nano particles in the blood stream and their interaction with the respective substances, but the team is working on reducing the number of modifications and making the detector as user friendly as possible.

This type of technology will lead to a major breakthrough in medicine. With all its advantages and top notch application it is no surprise that Apple`s iPhone is leading the market of smart phones all over the globe.

Photo Courtesy of rose
Photo Courtesy of eloctre