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Attention Fans Of ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’

STAR WARS’ video game franchise has seen a number of top rated games as well as some flunks but it never loses the wind of excitement.

Video gamers love this franchise. The latest attraction is the widely anticipated upcoming MMORPG of the franchise abbreviated as SWTOR which is likely to boost a lot of energy in the gaming circles.

It’s available for pre-order in three editions. The standard edition simply offers you a 30 days playtime after which a monthly subscription fee is needed to continue the experience.

The collector’s edition comes with some cool stuff including a DARTH MALGUS statue, journal of GNOST DURAL, a soundtrack, an in-game galaxy map, a secret key and some other exclusive in game items. The collector edition for $149.9 gives you access to collector’s store for buying exclusive stuff which you won’t find elsewhere . The Deluxe edition for $79.99 offers the same in game attractions but doesn’t allow access to collector’s store .

Those who pre order the game will be able to enjoy it earlier than others when beta weekends are launched by the developer sometime in September…So folks , hold still , my heart’s already started pumping adrenaline in to my veins , the experience’s gonna be epic .!

Photo Courtesy of man0riax
Photo Courtesy of boreritos

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