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Gmail’s Multi-Call Feature

It’s always more fun talking to two buddies at the same time than talking to either individually. Google has added the same feature into its Gmail service to make the conversations more enjoyable.

It’s more fun to read email and place a call from the same interface rather than switching back from mail to make a call. With preliminary voice and video calls support, Gmail brought forth the facility of calling land line and mobile phones across USA and Canada last year. Google has now enhanced this facility by adding multi-call support, allowing users to switch between callers using resume and hold features, much akin to call waiting.

Also, Hold now allows users to pause the calls. Currently, all phone calls are offered for free probably as a business trick against more effective services in this regard. Skype’s conference call support is likely to be Google’s next big step which is more popular in business circles.

This vital upgrade is likely to be incorporated in Google+ too. Google is becoming more and more focused regarding their social networking projects and this update is likely a fragment of this strategy. This update is expected to enhance the user experience by providing a delightful and more amusing way of phone calling.

Photo Courtesy of infilmity
Photo Courtesy of robert