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Google+ Hitting The 20M Mark!

There seems to be no stopping Google+, it is expanding righteously like a beast unleashed in social. A short while ago they were celebrating 10 million users and now it’s about to hit 20M mark in few days, stunning!

Google+ is going to achieve the milestone within three weeks after its launch.

By Monday, the site hit 18m users and it was growing at 750,000 per day! Although the rate of growth has slowed down a bit since last week, when a million people joined each day.

Allen says that the potential for growth is enormous: “Google hasn’t started marketing Google+ through any of its other channels yet. More than a billion people worldwide use Google products, including its top rated search engine, YouTube, and Blogger. Chairman Eric Schmidt says the vision is to integrate Circles and sharing with all the other Google properties. When that happens, you will likely see millions of people joining Google+ every day for some period of time.”

Google seems like focusing more on its products and that’s why its windowing down the Google Labs. Google Labs contain a huge range of products and innovative ideas.

Andy Hertzfeld is also working on it along other engineers. He used to work for Apple (worked on some of the first Macintosh designs) and was intimately involved in the blueprint of Google+. The stats are given at Guardian.co.uk

Photo Courtesy of Yang
Photo Courtesy of hal