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After Much Chaos, Google+ Seems To Have Settled

Google+ caught the eye of the world even when the project wasn’t complete. Even though the users were limited to around 750 million, people wanted it like crazy.

Is Google’s social networking service better than its competitors? Or Do people want a change from their old social networks? The answer lies in the latter one. With Google+, users are getting the change they want.

With its interactive environment, not to worry about privacy settings, video conferencing and the convenience of adding people to the circles and not having to decide whether to add a person or not are the highlights of the Google powered service.

The same incident happened a couple of years ago when Facebook was introduced and people moved from Orkut to Facebook. The immigration happened because users wanted a new and a user friendly environment.

Now, Google wants to be in the spotlight and get the users it lost in the migration back to the Google. And with the new features of Google+ and user friendly interface, Google is here to stay.

Check us out on facebook.com/techmento and let us know what your experiences have been with the Google+ network. What do you wish you could change on the platform?

Photo Courtesy of laughingsquid
Photo Courtesy of halil