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iPhone 5 May Be Hitting Us This Fall, Afterall

For the past few months there have been rumors regarding the release of Apple’s new iPhone device. Because of some initial problems faced by the previous iPhone 4, people had been eagerly waiting for a new fault free and upgraded iPhone.

The news on the internet lately had been that Apple would release a slightly enhanced and cheaper version of iPhone 4 known as iPhone 4S sometimes in August or September and the fully features iPhone 5 device in January.

But the latest news suggest that iPhone 4s can be completely forgotten as there wouldn’t be any iPhone 4S rather a fully featured iPhone 5 will be released in either August or September.

We can’t say any thing certain about the features, though, it is expected that there will be a faster processor, an upgraded camera (probably an 8 MP camera) and better graphics. Here you may think that Apple usually released the iPod in September so will they release both the devices at the same time?

No, Apple won’t jumble up the release of both the devices. In fact, they may announce it in start of August with a late August release, according to rumors.

So whatever is to come out as the next iPhone device, it’s making a lot of buzz even before it is released so it has to be something BIG. Hope that Apple doesn’t disappoint us with the new device, wait and watch!

Photo Courtesy of yutaka
Photo Courtesy of witer