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Lenovo IdeaPad P1, Better Late Than Never!

The tablet market is growing with a tremendous pace and every day we see stores getting stuffed with new gadgets, some of which grab a lot of public hype while others die out without even making an impression.

The word on the street is Lenovo’s upcoming Windows 7 tablet, IDEAPAD P1. Although the Windows 7 tablet market has not been very successful lately, LENOVO is still taking the risk. Packed inside a 10.1″ casing is a very robust hardware comprising if a 1.5 Ghz Intel processor, a 1280*800 pixels capacitive multitouch display, a USB 2.0 port and for connectivity 802.11b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth.

The battery life is 8.7 hours for wifi model only which is sufficient enough. Memory and storage space can be varied, so one can stockpile up to 2GB DDR2 RAM and in case user feels short of space, a 64GB SSD card slot is there to help.

Video calling is an essential feature of a tablet, so to make this experience smoother, P1 is fitted with a 2 Mp front facing camera,though there is no rear camera.The whole device is 14.5mm thick,which is a little bulky especially when it has to compete with sleek tablets such as ipad 2.

Everything considered, IDEAPAD P1 is a cool,beefy gadget fitted with high end hardware but in a market dominated by ANDROID and iOS, will this Windows 7 beast make any difference? The hardware is definitely a plus point but the operating system arouses skepticism…

Photo Courtesy of edwin