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Quma, A 3D Motion-Capturing Technology…

Japan certainly is a leading automotives and robots maker, and recently Japan-based SoftEther.com provided another breakthrough in 3D motion-capturing technology. A striking 3D motion-capture figure has been developed by Japan-based SoftEther.

It can create computer graphics and animations in 3D. A (Quma) dummy’s fitted with sets of joint through its body, which is outfitted with sensors which can easily be moved by user. The sensor tracks the movement and a 3D figure on your computer screen does the same movement.

Raise your arm and the figure on the screen will do the same.

The dummy currently look a lot like a human but according to SoftEther, the motion-capturing technology can work on any other shape as well. The Quma is ready for manufacturing but a fixed price and release date is yet to be decided. Here is a visual display of the innovation.

Photo Courtesy of Fly