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Safari 5.1 Arrives With X Lion

With the arrival of OS X Lion, Safari 5.1 has also hit the shores. It is considered as one of the most innovative browsers in town. Apple is raising the stakes with its latest products and satisfied users and with the release of Safari, Apple will take things to another level.

The wonder browser was released yesterday with several updates and improvements. New features include the Reading List: this new update helps you save an article, webpage, E-Book for later reading when you are too busy to read it at that moment. You can browse them anytime you feel like.

The new safari is also more stable, efficient and has better privacy options than its ancestors as well as its competitors. You can rely on browser if anything goes wrong, Safari will not crash.

Other improvements include Drag and Drop Downloads, very secure AutoFill, Latest API extensions and several other appreciable upgrades. For those who were waiting for the next Big thing in the world of browsers, this might be it for now.

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Photo Courtesy of yilka
Photo Courtesy of jml