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Spherical Robot To Handle Tasks Involving Radioactivity

Working at a Radioactive Sites for Humans meant a lot of risk and danger of getting affected by radioactive material. Many Nuclear facilities have lost their valuable men while trying to do the tasks which involved radioactivity.

A good solution to this problem might be a Robot. Though robots might be ideal employees for a company because they never tire, never complain, never ask for extra wages and always do what they are asked to do right away.

For handling radioactive substances, a Spherical Robot has been created for handling risky and dangerous activities involving Radioactivity. The robot is unaffected by the radiation caused by the radioactive material. It features a built in camera which allows it to view the situation of pipes of a nuclear reactor.

It is not connected to any wire and hence can be easily moved around by propelling itself using a complicated internal network of valves and pumps.

This is the perfect option to examine whether any leak has occurred within the pipes or if the coolant is contaminated. Efforts are being made to handle all these events in an automated manner.

By using this robot, the human loss can be eliminated because we now no longer need direct interaction of humans and radioactive substance.

Photo Courtesy of simon
Photo Courtesy of cgommel