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Viber Moves To Android

Tired of using your free minutes and extra money on VoIP’s to talk to your friends and family? Not any more, Viber’s free VoIP that was launched for iOS last year, is now flashing badges with Android on it.

Yes, Viber is coming to Google. The application works on 3G or Wi-Fi, with a built in messaging service and the best part? No, registration.

Now, you can make international calls, receive notifications when someone starts using Viber like the iPhone app, but with Android it has some updates which include a fancy pop-up message notification system, call log better user interface and several other software improvements.

This might be something Android users were waiting for. With Vibers great reputation, and the company claiming to have more than 12 million active users after their launch last year on iPhone. This app seems like a viable replacement for Skype on Android according to some reviews from the Android users. Will this VoIP make an impact on the Droids? Time will tell.

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Photo Courtesy of Claudia